Kim Kardashian: Hollywood – Features and Tips


Kim Kardashian is the world’s most famous woman, in the year 2014 she released her first mobile game with Glu game developers. She wanted her fans to feel what is being famous, and that is how she came with a concept of the gaming field. In the game, the story is inspired by her real-life and how she becomes famous. In the game, players can make their character and do tasks to become famous. Earn cash and stars to purchase the dress and makeup kits. Also, Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack allows players to access unlimited currency.


 The game is all about creating a character and complete missions to become famous. In the game, you will see that creating a character is very easy but become a celebrity is a hard thing to do, and in the players can make their character celebrity by completing tasks. Let’s see those tasks-

So from the starting of the game, players are allowed to make a character and to customize them with the help of thousands of variety of dress, hairs, body and many more. To become famous and earn in the game, players have to try Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack and various types of missions related to interviews, modelling jobs, acting jobs and many more tasks.

The character reputation is recognizing by rankings. Completing missions and tasks develop ranking in the game, and it will help in growing the reputation. In the beginning, the character does not have any star rank. These rankings are listed below-

·         E-List

·         D-List

·         C-List

·         B-List

·         A-List

As per your star listings, your rankings will increase too, and people will admire and recognize you easily.