3 exciting features of Kim Kardashian Hollywood

Everyone likes to live the celebrity life, but only a few of them will get this chance. So, one can take the experience of living a celebrity life by playing Kim Kardashian Hollywood game. In this game, the player needs to boost the fan following by performing several jobs. It is consist of several aspects like photo shoots, social activity and promotional events. If you are playing the main role, so you need to maintain some functions like dating, clothing, furniture and many others.

Most of the time, players are required to buy several things and for these things they need to earn money first. Unfortunately, if they are not able to earn enough currency, then there is no need to worry. Take the help of kim kardashian hollywood cheats for gaining unlimited money



As the players are needed to live the celebrity life, it means they all need some outfits. The outfits are in the full rage, and the gamers have the choice to select the best one. However, they have the option to take a trial of some dresses and jewellery.


It is consist of a different location, and the players need to explore all the places. Through this, one can take the experience of different areas with some facilities.


There are three main currencies of the game which the players are required to collect:

·         Cash

·         Stars

·         Energy

These are some features of a game that help the player to play effectively. Enjoy the game by exploring different places and wear some expensive outfits. Earn the currencies at a higher level and buy main resources.